Nichols, Laurie

Credentials, Professional Designations: RLP, CPC & ELI—MP
Title(s): Succession and Transition Coach

WHAT I DO: I’m here to help you have the crucial conversations needed to create a shared vision for success and initiate productive strategic + succession planning that works for owners, successors AND clients. 

WHO I WORK WITH: Investment Advisors, Wealth Managers, Financial Planners, RIA’s, CPAs, Attorneys

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As both a former “NexGen” professional and an owner, I experienced the highs, lows and loneliness of building and exiting an investment business. The frustration, uncertainty and anxiety I felt leading up to my exit was rooted in a lack of transparent communication, not having a clear strategy for succession and, fear, “What the heck will I do next?” Getting clear on my WIN—I was READY to do something else—freed me up to make it happen. Now, as a Certified Professional Coach and Registered Life Planner, I love to help others do the same. Check out my full story www.laurienichols.com

Company Name: Succession Planning with Heart
Business Website: www.LaurieNichols.com
Business City: Seattle
Business State: WA
Business Zip: 98116
Business Phone: 206-795-3769
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