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Aug 18, 2011

How can we build strong habits…to understand the richness…create a culture of communication and trust in a family of wealth?

Bhaj draws from a wealth of personal experience as well as professional dedication and research to bring the systems to families that can keep the finanicla wealth from disenfranchising the family.

Bhaj’s own personal experience with her own family, whose human and financial wealth did not pass on as intended, motivated her to research, study, discover and then assist families to stem the tide of intergenerational financial transfer failure. The great estate and financial plans weren’t enough. As Bhaj discovered it was the missing piece, the family connection that needed to be addressed.

She has authored articles, 2 books for the Legacy family along with tools for families to use in evaluating their strengths, values as well as intergenerational teaching games meant to instill productive and sustainable money behaviors and habits.

Since 1997 Bhaj has offered the Heritage Focus program to clients.
As professional speaker and author and consultant on the subject of blending the strong and supportive family heritage with the values and valuables of a legacy, families are made stronger and stay more connected.
She has a team of philanthropy and governance expertise accompanying her skills and expertise with faciliating family meetings and drafting family mission/purpose statements all to enhance the success of families for generations to come.

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